Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sandy Hook Art Journal and Art Cards

Well today I got a big idea for the Sandy Hook Art Journal I discovered my theme it will be based around some classic fairy tales and the way I view children which are pure and innocent and beautiful little angels. I sketched so far I think 3 or 4 pages. Anyone out there who is looking for me to make them a journal similar please speak up and order or even for you who have not been involved with the Sandy Hook Tragedy I can make you a memory journal for someone else or even to celebrate your life or any one of your family. On a happier note I have put out some more Art Card Originals recently at my local convenience store. I also have another theme possibly for two pages within my own journal as well Egypt. Lately I have been out hunting and I found a few more websites I am adding to my collection and they are: , , If anyone feels they have a suggestion or has a question about my art please leave a comment.

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