Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Money Saving Tips For Altering Almost Anything!

Since I currently am struggling with money I have been looking for ways to alter things for very little money and I can tell you I have found a lot of things to alter and Supplies. Some of the things I love to work with are:
  • Boxes (Weather they are Macaroni and Cheese Boxes to that new deep fryer box you got.) Now the number of the things boxes can be used for are endless I use them for Canvases, Books, Tags, Business Cards, Boxes, Pages for Books and if you want to comment on how you use your boxes I think we can get a lot more out there for people that are looking to alter at a minimal price.
  • Wood(Mainly broken pieces of Drawers or Doors) You know how you loved that old piece of furniture and now it is falling apart well I have a solution why not use it for Canvas.
  • Chairs I use for two things fabric and stuffing I use the stuffing to make clouds and other things
  • Old Clothes you know how that darned zipper broke on that sweater? Or those jeans have a ripped seam all the way up? Use them to wipe your brushes or dabbing paint into that stencil also you can cut off the zippers and use them in pieces.
  • Printer Paper I use it for many things Drawing, Doodling, To Protect the Floor,
  • Newspaper there is many ways you can use this and once I get some glue again I will show you a few tutorials on how to make wonderful texture Also you can get these free at a lot of places. 
  • Double-Sided tape I have used this a lot lately
  • Containers(You know the restaurant containers or pickle jars) I have decorated and painted a lot of these to use for storage of my art things they can also be used as a gift     
This is all I have for This week but as I continue to find things I will continue to post things but please if you have any suggestions to add please do. I would like to gather a few people who have made things with similar supplies to email me I will choose someone each week on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I will credit you and Display your art on my blog as long you can do the same I would appreciate that.

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