Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Winner of Wicked Wednesday

I won this week's Wicked Wednesday I am so happy and surprised! I finally can get some lovely stamps into my collection and add even more diversity into my art and it is all thanks to the people at Wicked Wednesday . I love that they gave me this wonderful opportunity and I still can't even imagine how many wonderful projects will be done with those stamps. So far my week is going pretty good another thing I would like to mention is that I am working on another two Atc's for Wicked Wednesday again and I am also trying out for another contest the last time I said this I did not come through but this week I will try my hardest to come through on it. The other contest I am trying for is Simon Says Stamp and Show their current theme is Lace Love and the contest ends Sunday. Another thing about my projects all I can say is the glitter bottle fell all over my desk just to hint at what my creations are about to look like.

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